Champion Shih Tzu breeder in South Florida, Devalon Shih Tzu offers elegant pet Shih Tzu puppies for sale to loving homes. Showing and breeding purebred AKC Shih Tzu since 1999. Focusing on puppies that excel in health, fun-loving temperaments, and beautiful faces!

Conveniently located on S. Ocean Blvd. (A1A) South end of Palm Beach island, Florida

Interview Questions

Please answer the following in your initial email to me:

1. Your experience with ShihTzu?
2. Why did you choose a ShihTzu to join your family?
3. Any children? What ages?
4. Does your Landlord approve of dogs if you rent?
5. Do you have any other pets in the home?
6. Are you buying a puppy to compete in Performance?
    (events such as Agility, Obedience, Rally, etc)
7.  Are you local to Florida? If not, what state do you reside?